Business Analyst in Mount Laurel, NJ at ARI

Date Posted: 9/5/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Job Posting - External

Principal Purpose of Position:

  • Provide regular and ad hoc business and KPI/metrics reporting;
  • Perform a variety of business analysis and deliver analytics and insights to support operational and process decision-making, leading to process improvements and new revenue sources;
  • Explain and advocate solutions that can have a positive business impact;
  • Perform all other duties and special projects as assigned.


Know-How includes every kind of relevant knowledge, skill, and experience, however acquired, needed for acceptable performance in a job or role. Know-How has three dimensions: Practical/Technical Knowledge, Planning, Organizing and Managerial Knowledge; and Communicating & Influencing Skills. In the space below, please list the minimum requirements within each of the categories.

Education and/or Training:

  • Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited institution, preferably in Business or science/technical area
  • Project management experience highly desirable

Relevant Work Experience:

  • Minimum three years in fleet management and/or remarketing
  • Supply chain or other related business process experience or knowledge
  • Demonstrated reporting and analytical skills and experience

Planning/Organizing/Managerial Knowledge:
(Ranges from task-focused to integrating related functions, to broadly strategic integration)

  • Perform and/or validate business analyses, generate related reporting, develop process maps, and identify resource needs – demonstrate detail orientation;
  • Ability to develop clear and actionable objectives/deliverables, realistic timelines, and overall execution plans for each authorized or prospective project/initiative;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office tools (especially Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint) and ability to utilize them for effective analysis and communication;
  • Experience with or ability to learn ARI’s internal systems, and have or develop strong systems and database knowledge, combined with demonstrated business process expertise.

Communicating & Influencing Skills:
(Does the job require communication, reasoning with others, or changing behaviors?)

  • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing across different levels of the organizations, from leadership to front-line personnel;
  • Ability to develop effective interpersonal relationships and work in partnership with others;


Indicate those statements that describe the process by which this position solves problems. Show the % that the relevant statement represents among all problem solving done by this role. The sum of percentages indicated for each category should equal 100%. For each relevant statement, give an example of a problem and the method of resolution.

The problems are similar to each other and have a limited number of predefined solutions. Standing procedures/plans and/or a structured routine directs the problem solving process.

  • % of all problems: 20%
  • Example: Generate established reporting, and create/develop standardized reporting to support business management and analysis, by using existing systems and tools. Inform IT support resources of any system or data integrity issues to ensure proper resolution.


The problems encountered are dissimilar and typically have a number of solutions. The solutions may be derived from a general plan or a flexible routine may be utilized to solve problems of this type.

  • % of all problems: 60%
  • Example: Using business process knowledge and awareness of client expectations, work with internal business partners to develop analysis and insights that highlights process improvement opportunities, system enhancements, new or better metrics/analytics.


The problems encountered are unique situations and there is an unlimited number of solutions, many of which are unknown. There are no procedures or routines to follow, but only broad policies to guide the problem solving process.

  • % of all problems: 20%
  • Example: Analysis and insights may lead to new projects or initiatives that require new approaches or unique support requirements to successfully gain approval or launch. Unexpected consequences or challenges may also arise, and critical thinking skills are needed to help develop new or alter existing solutions or avoid/mitigate impact.


This describes the extent to which this position is answerable for actions and their consequences. It measures the effect of the job/role on end results.

For each type of Accountability, indicate an approximate dollar value of impact and whether the role has a Direct impact (controls end results or shares control with peer positions) or Indirect impact (generally informational, interpretive, analytical, or enables others to take action). If no dollar value can be determined, enter Non-Quantifiable instead of an amount.


  • $ value: TBD – could result in new products/services driving incremental revenue
  • Direct/Indirect: direct

Selling, General, & Administrative

  • $ value: TBD – efficiencies not yet determined
  • Direct/Indirect: both direct and indirect


  • $ value: none
  • Direct/Indirect: N/A

Project Management

  • $ value: varies, likely to result in significant ROI opportunity
  • Direct/Indirect: direct


  • $ value: TBD – could impact client vehicles and values
  • Direct/Indirect: indirect

Other (Please specify): 

  • $ value:
  • Direct/Indirect:

List statements which describe the primary results/outputs for which this position is held accountable. Please limit the list to 5 or 6 statements.

  • Creating and/or improving standardized reporting of KPIs and other metrics in support of the supply chain and remarketing teams;
  • Regular and ad hoc business and process analyses that uncover and/or highlight process and service quality improvement opportunities, which could drive efficiencies, cost savings, quality gains, and client experience/satisfaction;
  • Validated business and process data integrity in partnership with IT support resources and other internal business partners to ensure timely and accurate reporting;
  • Initiate, lead, and effectively execute projects as directed to support core or new business processes, aimed at streamlining/simplifying/growing the remarketing and supply chain products and services.